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Incredible: £10 Websites!

Look at some of our example sites in the area on the right of this page.  We will get you up and running fast and effectively.  No deposit, just contact us to discuss what you need, our details are above.  No obligation chat- you might not even need a website, after all!  If you do, we will make it easy and enjoyable and give you a great site “out of the box” and it can be developed as your business grows.  For the low monthly price we can provide a cost-effective way to get your web presence sorted out promptly and professionally.

YES! 5-page website: e.g. home/about/services/contact/legal- 
YES! hosting included
YES! WordPress based
YES! contact form sends to your email
YES! Facebook feed from your page
YES! you can make amendments
YES! we will write your content with/for you
YES! search engine optimisation tools included
YES! updating your website guide included
YES! no up-front fees, money back guarantee*


* based on us your being able to direct the hosting to our servers.  If you need help with this and sorting out issues like Domain Name Servers, ownership of your URL/domain name and an email rescue/transfer package then a separate (reasonable) admin fee is payable.

What have you got to lose?  Plenty by not taking action- get in touch to find out more.


Some Sites

Some Sites

The sites referenced here are live, you can check them out in more detail if you wish- click on the picture to go and view and hit the back button to check out more!  Most designs, features and functions can be provided, but this will give you a flavour of what can be done.

Here is an example of a personal blogging site.  It has the posts arranged in columns, it is mobile responsive. clear and easy to read.

jaco alberts screen shot get my business listed

Here is an example of a more “corporate look” for a recruitment company:

emploi by get my business listed


And this would be for a mechanical and electrical installations company:

sapphire mech screen shotOr how about a theatre productions company?

bullfrog productions by get my business listed

And this one for a street dance group?

sdza by get my business listed

More examples on request, however, We hope that this is of interest!




How Much?

How Much?

We started with the pressing issue of how we could bring excellent value for money to the world of small business a and sole trader websites.  Whilst we have been used to providing excellent websites for just such customers, we asked what we could do to help more- after all in the local business world…